Trump’s America, a Triumphant America

Trump’s America, a Triumphant America

11 / November 2016 | 0 Comment

The US embassy in Kabul had an innovative initiative inviting many Afghan elites to jointly share the moments, as final results of the historical US presidential elections were getting unveiled on 9th November. There, looking into various state’s elections results, Afghans and others were deeply thoughtful of emergence of a new beginning in American politics, i.e. Donald Trump’s lead over the well-known Hilary Clinton. That’s where many discussed of how America’s political landscape has shifted and a transformation that was emerging.

In the end, defying popular sentiments and expectations, Donald Trump became the winner of 2016 presidential elections. But how he managed to come up against all the strong barriers defined to stop him from entering White House?

Trump fought with all Americans during his presidential campaigns. He was a stranger in the world of elitist politics who constantly opposed the unwritten rules and regulations of American politics.

Trump in his speeches violated and criticized all of the unwritten rules. He even ridiculed his own Republican Party leaders and vehemently criticized them for their pasts and present doings.

Trump was considered a prodigy in American politics. For this reason, nor his Democrat competitors neither his Republican rivals wanted him to fight and compete for presidency. However, receiving supports from American voters in the primary elections, he managed to defeat all his party’s rivals and made it to the final round of election.

Almost all online polls, social media, and online consensus revealed that Trump was far from winning the election because media consensus was behind a thumping triumph of Hillary Clinton. But with all these uncertainties, Trump legally won the election and soon, by mid January 2017 he will become America’s most powerful politician.

His victory has shocked the whole world primarily because of his past statements.

NATO chief in early hours of Trump’s victory announced his willingness to cooperate with Trump and hoped to remain as a treaty. This concern stems from Trump’s past statements that America should leave NATO if the cost of American troops sent to defend Europe is not paid and covered by other NATO members.

Some other people, particularly Muslims were in a big shock over Trump’s victory. However, in his victory speech he spoke, as always frank, but different from the past.

He spoke of a united America and with a polite literature like Clinton, addressed his rival for the difficult days and times she had given him, as Secretary Clinton. He said that the nation owes her gratitude for her public service.

Trump emphasized on giving priority to national interests of America when it comes to world’s politics. He emphasized that he prefers dialogue and negotiation over conflict and has the tendency to build partnership with all global actors.

Trump said he is the president of all Americans. He does not know how to say and explain his statements with an excellent oratorical eloquence the way Obama and Abraham Lincoln used to speak.

These words from Trump seem to be unlikely because many people were thinking he would stick to his radical position, as he was during his elections campaigns, such like showing enmity towards Iran and support towards Israel. However, in his victory speech, Trump did not mention any of these topics. This means that Trump’s campaign season is over and he has taken the lead of management of political matters in the United States.

Trump wants America to withdraw from the world. The theory of America’s neo-isolationism is strongly raised by some American theorists in the last five years. Trump continues to return America to a neo-isolationism. He seeks the construction of America from within. He wants America to emerge as the most powerful leader of the world after a period of time. But in the meantime, America should remain as one of the world’s leaders. Similarly, many people these days are talking about this world order, the emergence of a multi-polar world.

Trump’s true love for his family was vividly noticeable in his victory speech. Unlike many Americans, on the day of his victory he did not limit his family to his son and daughter, but he also thanked his parents with a heart touching note when he said that his parents are very happy for this victory and are looking down on him. He thanked his sisters and said they are actually very shy being on the stage. He thanked his brother Robert, and said, “my great friend, where are you.” He also thanked his late brother Fred.

He thanked his wife daughter and his sons.

The interesting point is that he did not prepare his speech before. He was talking randomly, however he made clear political statements.

Overall, he was a different Trump. He appeared as a leader and spoke with confidence.

Apparently America with Trump’s leadership will be a different and Triumphant America.

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