Six Independent and Inspiring Young Women of Afghanistan

Six Independent and Inspiring Young Women of Afghanistan


Farshad Omar

29 / November 2016 | 0 Comment

Afghanistan is a culturally rich country with diverse people. The youth play significant roles in generating new ideas and initiating new innovations and creativities in the country. Among these, some women have also flourished and advanced well, creating new employment opportunities and entrepreneurial organisations.

Khabarnama writes about activities of six young Afghan women who are running their self-initiated local organisations.

Samira Khairkhah, Director of Balkh Provincial Youth Council

Samira Khairkhah is a young activist chairing Balkh Provincial Youth Council. She has been active in diverse spheres of cultural and civic activities. Samira was born in 1995, and studied Law at Balkh University.


She has participated in various national and international capacity-building programmes in Afghanistan. During these capacity-building programmes, Samira gained and learnt moral skills related to youth, environment, and combat against corruption.

Samira is a women activist and director of Balkh women news agency. At the same time she is the editor of Avizheh, a weekly paper.

Gisoo Yari, Director of Bano Organisation

Gisoo Yari is director of Bano Organisation and a young Afghan activist. She has completed her higher studies in the United States. Gisoo is from Jaghori district of Ghazni province.


She has enough experience and knowledge about woman issues. In addition to her consulting activities with international organisations, Gisoo recently launched the Bano Organisation working for women’s economic empowerment. Bano Organisation works closely with women who suffered violence in their communities and are their family’s breadwinners. The organisation is active in Kabul, Ghazni, and Balkh provinces and currently their focus is women’s handicraft.

Ms. Yari organized women’s exhibitions through Bano Organisation in Embassies of Canada and India. Gisoo has good progressive programmes in mind for women’s efficiency and development.

She is also working as a coordinator between donors and Ministry of Women Affairs. She has written several articles on woman for international media outlets.


Farkhunda Bayat, Director of Women and Youth for Change Organisation

Farkhunda Bayat, holds a bachelor degree in Diplomacy, has worked with different non governmental organisations (NGOs) since 2011. From 2013 onwards, she has been working for young women empowerment and orphan children.

Ms. Bayat has achieved significant achievements leading Women and Youth for Change Organisation.

Benazir Baktash, Director of Baktash Charity Foundation

Benazir Baktash is a young activist and manages charity and welfare programmes.


Benazir is a medical student at Kabul University and she has launched Baktash Charity Foundation to help street children. Ms. Baktash also leads some mass media programmes.

Maryam Ferdous, Tile and Pottery Maker

Maryam Ferdous works with ceramics sector of Firoozkooh Institute. She is probably the only Afghan girl whose field of interest is slightly different from other fellow Afghan girls. She makes Pottery and Ceramic dishes, which is mostly considered as a male dominated activity in Afghanistan. This young girl is perhaps one of the few female pottery makers who work in this field.


Within a year, she designs and makes a lot of beautiful and traditional ceramic tiles. In an interview with Khabarnama, Maryam said that in the beginning, working in this field was very difficult for her because the working environment is predominated by men. However, with hard work and accepting all the challenges on her way, Maryam positions herself ahead of her colleagues.

Suhaila Sama, Civil Rights Activist and Entrepreneur

Suhaila Sama has a bachelor of journalism from Kabul University. She has been involved in social and cultural activities. Now she is the director of Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement Organisation. The organisation holds cultural and social programmes such as festivals, child protection programmes and free education programmes for young people and women. Ms. Sama organises cultural and peace-building festivals every year through the organisation.


Ms. Sama is actively involved in conducting New Year celebrations, festivals for children in orphanages which includes live music, theater, photography and painting exhibitions, and empathy festival. In addition, Ms. Sama is the owner and initiator of Sama weekly paper.

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